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曹格(GARY) - 世界唯一的你(SHI JIE WEI YI DE NI)    ***GS1Live
  • 我们的声音 - 8-FM
  • 小潘潘(XIAO PAN PAN)[+] 小峰峰(XIAO FENG FENG) - 学猫叫(XUE MAO JIAO)
  • 张杰(ZHANG JIE) - 突然想爱你(TU RAN XIANG AI NI)
  • RAStart - RAStart
  • 我们的声音 - 8-FM
  • MP 魔幻力量(MP POWER) - 不按牌理出牌(BU AN PAI LI CHU PAI)
  • 菲道尔(FEI DAO ER) - WMXGHZYSQN(我没想过会这样失去你)
  • RAStart - RAStart
  • 赖淞凤(NICOLE) - 还有机会爱(HAI YOU JI HUI AI)


Located in Petaling Jaya, 8 FM, which was formerly known as One FM, is a radio station that broadcasts in Chinese. It was launched in 2021 and features entertainment and music.

Main Programs

  • 8FM 日日好精神
  • 8FM NA么十在
  • 8FM 一起升活
  • 8FM 放工吃FUN团
  • 8FM Audio+ 二十好听榜
  • 8FM Hana2Say


PH, North Wing 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
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