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8FM 听好音乐,过好生活 - 8-FMLive
  • 李荣浩(LI RONG HAO) - 不遗憾(BU YI HAN)- 电影《你的婚礼》主题曲
  • 陈势安(ANDREW) - 我们都伤(WO MEN DOU SHANG)
  • RAStart - RAStart
  • 艾薇(IVY AI WEI) - 请离开我(QING LI KAI WO)
  • 陈奕迅(EASON) - 夕阳无限好(XI YANG WU XIAN HAO)
  • 尹昔眠(YIN XI MIAN) - 奔赴星空(BEN FU XING KONG)
  • 摩登兄弟刘宇宁(LIU YU NING) - 烟火星辰(YAN HUO XING CHEN)- 电视剧《你是我的荣耀》片头曲
  • 梁静茹(FISH) - 会呼吸的痛(HUI HU XI DE TONG)
  • RAStop - RAStop


Located in Petaling Jaya, One FM is a radio station that broadcasts in Chinese. It was launched in 2009 and features entertainment and music. Its team of professionals includes Jack, Yoon, Apple, Nicholas and Mei Sim, to mention just a few.

Main Programs

  • Morning Kaki
  • Hot 20
  • Happy Hour
  • One FM Ho Chak!
  • K2K-Pop
  • Sunday Kopitian

Main DJs

  • Jack
  • Yoon
  • Apple
  • Mei Sim
  • Nicholas
  • Lucas


PH Floor, North Wing, Sri Pentas, Persiaran Bandar Utama, 47800, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
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