Red FM (Kuching)

91.9 FM

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王錚亮 - 我想我願意 (電視劇《驕陽伴我》片尾曲)Live
  • 张静汶 - 我愛我
  • 腾格尔 - 铸剑(动画《武双姝》主题曲)
  • Princess Ai - 大樹
  • 九澤CP(Jiuze CP), U:NUS - 暈嗎 (umm?)
  • 沙宝亮 - 給男人的歌
  • Jin Wenqi - 姍姍 (影視劇《我的助理不簡單》插曲)
  • 徐子未 - 或許咖啡還不夠濃
  • 張哲瀚 - 未完成的旅行 Unfinished Journey
  • Sammi Cheng - 螢


Red FM is a variety radio station that belongs to Radio Televisyen Malaysia, the nation public media network. It has been broadcasting since the beginning of the Millennium and its programming includes entertainment, information and much more.


RED FM, Kuching, Malaysia
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